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Breezy Zarcero town. There is no better cure for stress than a quick getaway where you can enjoy the outdoors, breathe some fresh air and get a delicious lunch! And there is no better place to do all of this than the picturesque town of Zarcero!

Located about 1.5 hours of San Jose, on the edge of the Central Valley in the province of Alajuela, Zarcero is a charming town known for being one of the top go-to spots for a quick weekend ride! The town is elevated 1,736 meters above sea level, which means you will find the climate to be cold and windy – giving you a whole other weekend vibe!

The town of Zarcero is mostly known for its lush green hills, pure water creeks, pretty landscapes and friendly locals. But there is one feature that amongst the rest: its characteristic Francisco Alvarado Park and its cottage-style church. Dozens of tourists and locals visit this spot on a monthly basis as it is so distinctly beautiful! The church itself is quite stunning as it is filled with paintings, elaborate stencil work and details that are very much impressive!

Just outside, you will find the Francisco Alvarado Park. This marvelous park was re-invented in the 1960’s by a gardener who converted the ordinary bushes into absolute masterpieces; making it quite particular and famous even to this date. Kids absolutely love to run through the park’s sixteen arches, curious shapes and creatures.

Visitors are always welcome to bring a blanket, good company and even maybe a picnic and spend the day enjoying this unique park.

Looking for an even greener alternative? Zarcero is an agricultural zone which is filled with natural reserves. So, private parks, green areas and hiking trails are available a bunch all through out town for you to explore and enjoy.

Also, before leaving, make sure you stock yourself with all of the town’s best! Zarcero is known for being the home to some of the country’s freshest cheeses, jams and dairy products. So bringing cash is definitely a must!

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All ready craving that cool weekend getaway? We know we are! Don’t miss to visit the lovely town of Zarcero!



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