How to rent a car in Costa Rica and save your economy at the same time?

Economy Rent a Car Costa Rica. There are some important details to be focused on when you are looking for car hiring with a worth service and modern vehicles, but at the same time you are trying to save your economy at the moment you rent a car.
If you’re thinking about doing the process of rent a car in Costa Rica for your vacation or your travel business, take a look on these five economy tips.

      1. If  you are visiting during Christmas, New Year and/or Easter week, make sure to rent a car at least one month before in order to get a elow-average price. Also keep in mind that during those dates the vehicles go fast so you got to book your car as soon as possible.

     2. Check your itinerary to see if you really need a 4×4 or a 4wd. Renting a sedan or compact versus an SUV can save a ton of your economy at the moment you rent a car, especially for couples, travels only focused on business, small families and solo travelers.

     3. Make sure that the company where you rent a car is 100% Costa Rican because they usually have the biggest fleet and fully transparency when it comes to insurance.

     4. Decide what extra is better for you instead of choosing them all without using any. Frequent extras that you actually might require are GPS, Wi-Fi hot spot and cell-phone.

     5. Take part in the check up when you rent a car! Take pictures and let people from the car rental know everything in case that you see any scratches or dents in the vehicle so you won’t get in troubles that could affect your economy when you return it.