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Villas Tres Palmas

Right smack in the middle of one of Costa Rica’s most stunningly beautiful places, the Villas Tres Palmas couldn’t have been located in a more perfect spot! The absolutely spectacular Peninsula de Osa was actually declared one of the most biologically intense places in the whole world – and this Villas takes advantage of that!

Villas Tres Palmas is about 8 hours from San Jose, but its well worth the drive! The road conditions are average, however we would recommend you Rent a Car anything from a Economy SUV to an Luxury SUV; as you need to drive through some dirt roads.

You will find anything you need at Villas Tres Palmas, from peacefully comfortable rooms to private cabins and lofts overlooking the lush tropical rainforest. The Villas has a gorgeous living area where you can gather or even lay back on a hammock by yourself and enjoy Osa’s spectacular wildlife.

If you are feeling you need some down time to cool down, Villas Tres Palmas has the most delicious pool you could ask for.  With its endless-style pool, you will be able to refresh yourself while overlooking the rainforest and crystalline ocean below.

Villas Tres Palmas offers so many activities for families or even group of friends! The opportunities are endless when you’re surrounded with beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests! Exciting activities such as sport fishing, bird watching, hiking and horseback riding are always available. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then you can look into options like kayaking, surfing or even waterfall rappelling!

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After a long day exploring Peninsula de Osa, you might want to get a long luxurious massage or take some Yoga classes while hearing the wonderful rainforest noises. Now that sounds delightful!

Villas Tres Palmas offers the most wonderful eco-experience. With its breathtaking views, gorgeous surroundings and indulging amenities it is most certainly an experience you need to live! Both Peninsula de Osa and the Villas Tres Palmas are two of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets!

When visiting Villas Tres Palmas, and need to rent a car do not forget to consult the administrator of the villa. Because we have prices and special programs. Solid Car Rental has seven offices located strategically throughout Costa Rica.

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