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Listed amongst the 12 most beautiful and biodiverse national parks by Forbes, Manuel Antonio is truly a breathtaking place you can’t miss to visit! This jaw-dropping national park is located in Puntarenas on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It takes you approximately about 3 hours to get here from San Jose city.

Manuel Antonio National Park is widely known for having some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. And to top if off, the national park is abundant in wildlife, which you can actually see and hear during your visit.

The park has four different beaches, all at walking distance through trails that go right through the rainforest. The four beaches are: Manuel Antonio, Espadilla Sur, Teloro, and Playita. The beaches have the most perfect combination of white sandy beaches, transparent oceans, tropical forest with lush foliage and vibrant ecosystems. It’s definitely an impressive view when you visit for the first time!

Manuel Antonio National Park is popular for its richness in wildlife. While walking through the rainforest trails you will be able to see and take pictures of countless animals both up-close and on the treetops. The park is home to sloths, four species of monkeys (including the howler monkey which you will be able to hear all the way from the beachside), iguanas, toucans, snakes, frogs, bats, butterflies and so many more. In addition, depending on the season, you may even be able to see dolphins and the occasional migrating whale.

If you are thinking that Manuel Antonio National Park is all about the sightseeing and peaceful beaches, you might need to re-think that. Apart from the tranquility of the National Park, there are numerous activities and tours you can take part of. If you are more of a water person, you might be interested in going on white water rafting trip or even on a catamaran to go dolphin and whale watching while you enjoy the sunset. Manuel Antonio and Espadilla beaches have tidal pools so you can also go snorkeling. If you are more of a land person, you can go hiking on the rain-forest trails, go horseback riding on the beach or even try a bit of zip lining.

At the park you will find everything you need to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Bathrooms, showers and clean water as well as a ranger station are available for use.

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PHOTO: Stunning Beach at Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

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