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Montezuma Costa Rica–ATV and Waterfall Canopy Adventure Day!

We know that going to the beach with the whole family is always great fun! But what about injecting some exciting adventure into the trip? If this is something you would be interested in, here is our proposal:

We suggest a day full of adrenaline-charged activities which will bring the family together and create wonderful memories. You can start off your day with an electrifying ATV ride through the Montezuma rainforest! Usually, a tour guide will set a location for everyone to meet, provide instructions as to how to use the ATV’s and answer any last minute questions. After that, its all about the drive!

After an hour or so of driving, you will be taken to the Montezuma Waterfall Canopy tour. Here you will park your ATV and begin a completely different adventure- which surely doesn’t involve you being on the ground! At the Montezuma zip-line tour you will also be given equipment and instructions to make sure everyone will safely enjoy the ride.

The waterfall canopy tour travels through the Montezuma rainforest and passes through its 3 jaw-dropping waterfalls. The tour is made up of 9 cables and 13 platforms, making it one of the coolest zip lines in the country. During the canopy tour you are most likely going to meet some friends along the way: parrots, iguanas, birds and even monkeys are amongst the most common.

Once the zip-line ride is finished, you will have the chance to visit the waterfalls and swim in the pools created by the cascading waters. There are three different waterfalls you can choose from. The first one is the largest, about 80 feet high, has an awesome pool to swim and relax in while gazing at the remarkable waterfall. The second waterfall is around 50 feet high. If jumping off of cliffs is you thing, then this is the waterfall for you! And the last waterfall is the smallest one with a height of about 10 feet. This one is perfect if you are bringing small children as it has a calm pool that is absolutely perfect to play around in.

Once you have had your fun at the waterfalls, its time to head back. So save some energy for one last ATV ride. You can even consider stopping at a restaurant on the way back to have lunch. Once you get back, its time to relax and get some shut eye after such a trilling adventure!




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