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Many tourists and locals looking to really get to know Costa Rica tend to focus on trips and tours that will show them the incredible rainforests, volcanoes and culture – which is not at all wrong! But many forget that one of the country’s most beautiful and jaw-dropping environments are those involving a whole lot of transparent crystalline waters! And what better way to appreciate the awesome scenic views of Costa Rica’s beaches and oceans than by doing some parasailing!

Parasailing is the most perfect way to get away from crowds and simply appreciate all the marine beauty that the country has to offer. This might seem as a very adventurous bet to some, but it is really a lot simpler and secure than most people think. It doesn’t require any formal training or permit.

Firstly, an instructor will give you some cautionary steps and recommendations which are quite simple to follow. Once you get that out of the way its time to take off! This step is fairly easy, as you only need to strap on your harness and run forward. The speeding boat will give you enough momentum for your parachute to open and so elevating you slowly and steadily. Parasailing will usually elevate you to about 600 feet, but this is customizable depending on how high you would like to go.

Parasailing rides usually take about 15-20 minutes where you will be gliding through the skies looking at some of the most gorgeous scenic beaches – we can guarantee that! Once you are ready to come down, the taut line that traces you back to the boat will pull you closer. The landing is pretty straightforward: simply float down to the water, unhook your harness and float until the boat turns round and picks you up.

It is amazing what you can see up there once you are parasailing! Other than enjoying the wonderful views of the beaches, rainforests and far horizons; if you are lucky enough you may also get the chance to see some wildlife such as pelicans, turtles, dolphins and even whales! Isn’t that just a once in a lifetime experience?

You can really do parasailing on many beaches which have calm crystalline waters. However tour operators usually like to choose Manuel Antonio as it is one of the most pristine beaches. Manuel Antonio is located about 2 hours from San Jose and can be easily accessed with any vehicle such as a compact or 4×4. For more information on rental cars contact the professionals at Solid Car Rental today.



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