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Sometimes it difficult to plan a day out with the family as everyone has different has different tastes and interests. So if there is one place we can think of that covers  everyone’s likes, is San Gerardo de Dota. Located about two hours from San Jose, this is one of the best mountain “spots” you can find!

San Gerardo de Dota is the ideal chill-out place if you like the outdoors. It has an endless amount of activities for every taste that go from hiking and fishing, to birdwatching and even simply staying cuddled in bed enjoying the cold temperatures.

Once you start your drive up the mountain, you will fall in love with the change in scenery. You will start to see the characteristic dense forests with moss-covered trees, exotic plants and you will start to feel that cozy chill in the air. Once you arrive to San Gerardo de Dota, the surroundings will give you an incredible sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

San Gerardo has so many activities to choose from depending on the family’s likes.  If you are the adventure-driven type, you can hike through the many trails available (every hotel usually has a few). No matter which trail you choose to hike, they all lead to the Savegre River and its jaw-dropping waterfall. So this is a great location to get some rest
and have a bite.

The Savegre River is a fresh water river that is known for being super clean and having crystalline water. You can choose to cross the river over several of the metal footbridges; or you can even choose to practice your fishing skills! At San Gerardo de Dota there are plenty of fishing spots that you are your family can visit. You can choose anything from the Savegre River, to the “Truchas Selva Madre” pond (which is easier for the kids to fish in). Wherever you choose to go, it will most definitely be a new experience for the family!

For those who are fans of birdwatching, San Gerardo de Dota has over 200-250 bird species, so you can imagine this is birdwatching paradise! From the most common species are hummingbirds, tanagers, emerald toucanets and the always famous quetzal.If you would rather take advantage of the cold temperatures and stay in bed with a delicious cup of hoy chocolate, there are plenty of lovely hotels you can stay at. There are a wide variety of prices you can choose from depending on your family’s wants and needs.




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