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Visiting Montezuma beach is a heavenly experience all on its own! Its white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, natural beauty and bohemian vibe really make it a unique place for both locals and tourists. All ready planning your visit to this awesome spot? Well then make sure you also include a visit to its gorgeous waterfalls!

Located in Nicoya, Guanacaste; Montezuma is home to three gorgeous waterfalls which can be easily visited as a one-day adventure trip. Being one of the area’s most popular attractions, visiting the waterfalls is definitely a great activity to do with family or friends!

There are two ways you can reach the waterfalls and it really depends on what you want to visit the most. If you are interested in visiting the larger waterfall, it is best to take the Riverbed trail. This option will lead you directly to the larger waterfall, but gets difficult when you want to visit the smaller ones as you have to hike up some steep stairs. On the other hand, if you decide to take the Canopy tour, it will give you easier access to the two upper waterfalls instead.

The three Montezuma waterfalls are all different in size but equal in beauty. The Top waterfall is the smallest with about 5 meters in height. This top waterfall is a great option if you are travelling with kids as they will greatly enjoy the rope swing and small swimming pool here.

The middle waterfall is about 12 meters in height and it is actually hidden between the top and bottom waterfalls. What’s cool about this one is that you can actually peek over the edge of the waterfall and admire the majestic drop.

The lower and final waterfall is the biggest one with a drop of approximately 25 meters. This is the most popular one to visit as the waterfall created a bigger pool which is great for a nice refreshing swim.

When planning your visit make sure you take a good pair of walking shoes. Also, Montezuma’s temperature is quite hot and humid so don’t forget to take lots of water as well as snacks.

Get the best out of both worlds when visiting Montezuma! Visit its three stunning waterfalls!

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