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Costa Rica is filled with so many incredible surf sweet spots! And while they are all incredibly awesome, most are located quite far from San Jose downtown and usually require lots of planning and budgeting. So, if you are looking for the same remarkable waves in a comfier option, then you definitely must visit Hermosa Beach!

Mind you, its important to clear up the fact that Costa Rica has two ‘Hermosa’ beaches. One is located in Guanacaste (which is quite far from the city), however the second option is located in the Puntarenas province about 66 kilometers from San Jose.  Getting here is quite simple. It will take you about a 2-hour drive and any compact vehicle will get you here.

Hermosa beach is one of the most popular surf destinations both because of its proximity as well as its consistent surf breaks. And because it has more of a ‘surfer beach’ reputation, Hermosa is actually one of the calmer and most quiet beaches in the area.

The waves are most definitely Hermosa’s main attraction! Actually, this mind-blowing beach offers some of the biggest breaks in the country’s Pacific coast. Though the beach is quite small in distance, waves here may reach as high as 13 feet tall. One of the best surfing sweet spots at Hermosa is called ‘the almendro’.  This is actually to the very left hand side of the beach, just in front of (literally) a huge almond tree.

Although Hermosa Beach is open to the public, its waves best be surfed by experienced surfers. Currents here are quite tricky and may surprise you at any time.

Once you get tired from surfing and need some rest, Hermosa offers many great beachfront restaurants. Here you will find the freshest ingredients as well as the nicest locals! Just a quick tip – after a good long surfing session look for a frozen fruit smoothie from any of these places! Absolutely delicious!

Next time you want to catch some awesome waves without having to break the bank, come and visit the beautiful Hermosa beach! After you come here, we promise you wont want to leave!

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