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Taking a vacation in Costa Rica is really a no brainer. Sun, sand and salty water is all you need for an unforgettable holiday! And if you are wondering what is the best place to visit, that’s a no brainer too: the Nicoya Peninsula!

Located south of the Northern Pacific Coast, Nicoya is the country’s largest peninsula and it is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches you will ever get to see! Known for being one of the top tourist destinations, Nicoya is really the most perfect vacation spot if you are looking for some great rest and relaxation!

Chosen as one of the world’s Blue Zones, the Nicoya Peninsula is ‘the’ place to be. Whether you are 15 or 55, we can assure you will fall in love with the area’s beaches, atmosphere and locals. Some of the most gorgeous beaches you will find here are Flamingo, Samara, Nosara, Santa Teresa, Malpais, Montezuma, Tambor and Naranjo, just to name a few. Beaches at Nicoya are popular for having white sandy beaches, intense blue oceans and an awesome energetic atmosphere. You can find great hotels and even better bars for a fun night out!

National Parks are also huge here! Due to its warm and humid climates, Nicoya has an incredible amount of biodiversity which has been converted into protected territory. Some of the most incredible parks you will find here are Cabo Blanco, Marino Las Baulas, Barra Honda and Vida Silvestre Curú. Reserve a day from your fabulous holiday beach life and spend it hiking through some of the most gorgeous National Parks in America! At Nicoya, Mangroves are also great if you want to get an up-close view of the area’s tropical lands and wildlife.

There are several ways to get to the Nicoya Peninsula and its marvelous beaches. You can make it a road trip and drive there. Although will take you from 5-7 hours (depending on the beach you would like to visit), the drive is so worth it! If you want to make the most out of your time, you can choose to take a short 30-minute flight from San Jose over the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.

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