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One of the most beautiful and popular national parks in Costa Rica is located about 50 kilometers from Liberia Guanacaste. The National Park Volcan Tenorio was created in 1995 with the objective of protecting the Tenorio Volcano which is actually still active today. The area is extremely beautiful and known for its river views, abundant flora and fauna and incredible adventure opportunities.

National Park Volcan Tenorio is has an area of 49.81 m², which is bursting with lush tropical forests, trails and rivers. From hiking trails, hanging bridges, or even swimming in one of the most stunning river’s you have ever seen; we can assure you that every time you visit this national park you will fall in love with something different!

Costa Rican’s considers the Volcan Tenorio National Park one of the most perfect places for hiking and nature lovers. It is the most perfect way to experience the country’s beauty from up close. The park has a network of trails that link together so that you can explore the protected forests. It has everything from short easy trails for families looking to get some exercise; to long, rough trails created for hikers wanting to get a fill-volcano-adventure. One of the most awesome things about the trails are the hanging bridges which connect you from one corner of the park to the other. These hanging bridges are the bets way to get a panoramic view of the tropical forests and all its wildlife.

The rivers are the areas most distinctive and wonderful feature. Within the national park you can find all-natural hot springs which will re-vitalize your body and soul. You can hike up, and relax your tired muscles at a natural hot spring – sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Probably the most incredible and outstanding aspect about Volcan Tenorio National Park is its whimsical Celeste River. Some may think we are just talking about a regular light blue river, but when you actually see it you will understand. The color of the river is created by the minerals and chemicals in it, making it a very unique river.
Imagine getting your picture taken in this swimming in this beauty!

Visiting the Tenorio Volcano National Park is a must for anyone and everyone!

The Guanacaste Province always surprise us! Many adventure can be found in the Tenorio Volcano National Park and surroundings. We remind you that we have offices in Liberia Downtown and the Liberia International Airport. Where you’ll find many sedans or SUV vehicles for this adventure. Solid Car Rental  -We know the meaning of service-




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