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Adrenaline, rush, blood pumping: some of the most incredibly satisfying feelings! Or not?

There are very few activities in the world which give you incredible adrenaline rushes in matter of seconds – and they are definitely not for all! But if you are one of those who love the feeling of free falling, then you must definitely try bungee jumping in Costa Rica!

Bungee jumping involves a person jumping from a static tall structure while connected to an elastic chord. The jumps can vary as the jump may be typically fro a bridge, but it can also be from a cliff or any high structure. Some jumps even make you splash into a pool or river for an extra-different experience.

Bungee jumps started to become famous in Costa Rica since 1991; and have since been a huge hit with both locals and tourists.

If we would have to choose the most intense and crazy bungee jump in the country, it would definitely be the Old Colorado Bungee Jump! Located in Monteverde, getting to this awesome spot will take you about 4 hours and a 4×4 vehicle.

The reason why this is the most popular spot for bungee jumping is because its one of the coolest and tallest jumps in America. With a 143 meter fall – we know you will get the most intense adrenaline you could ever think of!

The bungee jump tour starts with a unique ride on a tram. This ride will give you the first thrill, as you will have the opportunity to sight see and enjoy the scenic views of the gorgeous valley.

Once you get to the tallest part, you will be instructed to… yes! JUMP! When it comes the time to take the big leap, we recommend you take a deep breath and jump into the most beautiful charming Monteverde forests!

Usually you would be asked to be overage to take part in these kinds of activities. However for this specific jump, any underage person can participate as long as they are form 15-18, weight at least 50 kilos and have an adult sign a waiver for them.

So, for all of you adrenaline junkies, this is your chance! Jumping out of a tram into the lushest forest! It’s definitely a one-time experience!

The Puntarenas Province always surprise us! Many adventure can be found in the Monteverde and surroundings. We remind you that we have offices in San JoséAlajuela and the Liberia International Airport.




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