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Playa Avellanas is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Costa Rica, and it is the perfect mix between tranquility and nightlife. So whether you are a huge surf fan, like a crazy night out or are just simply looking for some down time, this beach is definitely for you!

Avellanas beach is located in Guanacaste, just a couple of minutes from Tamarindo beach. Beaches in Guanacaste are popular for having deliciously hot sunny days, long sandy beaches and cool refreshing oceans; and Avellanas beach is no different!

At Avellanas beach there are no shopping malls, shops, or a bunch of restaurants. You will only find a couple of scattered hotels and cabins and mini markets. So its great to have Tamarindo beach so close by as you get all the relaxation you need, but have a busy town close by in case you need to go shopping, want to eat out or just simply want to go out for a beer at night.

If there is one thing that Avellanas beach is most known for is for its awesome surfing spots. Surfers all around the world visit this beach because it has great swells all throughout the year. Playa Avellanas has various surfing spots spread out throughout the beach, though most spots are recommended for experienced surfers only.

El Parqueo, La Purruja and El Palo are the most common surfing spots as these are usually for the average or intermediate surfer. In general, waves here tend to be long and smooth breaking at both right and left sides creating some pretty awesome barrels.

On the other hand, Little Hawaii and El Estero are the two more extreme spots. Both of these are said to be of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. These waves are known for having perfect A-frames and can even reach heights of up to 18 feet!

Avellanas beach is the perfect place to get your surf on while enjoying the pleasures of Guanacaste’s gorgeous beaches. And for those of you who are more of a social butterfly, Tamarindo is just around the corner!

The Guanacaste Province always surprise us! Many adventure can be found in the Avellanas beach and surroundings. We remind you that we have offices in Liberia and our office near the Liberia International Airport.

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