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Dare to climb the Cerro Pico Blanco?

Feeling adventurous? Want to dare your mind and body strength and take it to the most extreme limits? Then Pico Blanco should be your next adventure spot. Caution!: This trip is not for the faint hearted!

Cerro Pico Blanco is located up high in the mountains of Escazú and it is actually the second highest mountain of the “cerro”. The translation for Pico Blanco is literally “white peak” (which you can only imagine makes the idea of going here, so much more interesting!). It is named this way because its highest point has an elevation of 2,428 m, and looks greyish-white from a distance.

We strongly recommend that you visit Pico Blanco only if you feel in shape, and have physically and mentally prepared yourself for the tour. Although many join the ride without having much experience, you do need to have quite a good condition. There are two main attractions to Pico Blanco: hiking and climbing. If you are planning to climb, take into account you will still have to do some serious hiking through snake inhabited forests with no or little trail in order to get to the spot.

Pico Blanco is usually characterized by having cool weather, which makes it great for climbing. However you need to be prepared for anything, as the climate changes incredible quickly. Check the climate before driving up, as it may be sunny in the city; but cloudy and wet in the Escazú mou.

This is one of the most extreme climbing spots in the country. It offers mostly sport climbing (know is Spanish as ‘deportiva’), however it also has some bouldering areas.

Famously known as “La Torre” or “The Wall”, this one single rock with several walls you can choose from. The wall stands out from the hillside which gives you the most amazing views of the city while you are up there climbing.

There are currently about 6 bolted routes throughout the wall, however there still is plenty of potential for new ingenious routes. Given the cold, wet climate, the rock is covered with lichen which can be slippery at times. There are various features such as a large slab section, an arête, and straight vertical wall.

The feeling of getting to the top of the wall is absolutely indescribable! We promise you will feel like a champ once you get to the top!




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