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Limon’s crystalline beaches and its Caribbean flavors!

Perhaps it may not be the most “commercial” beach of Costa Rica, however it is most definitely one of the most beautiful and multi-cultural ones in the country! Limon is known as the “other side of Costa Rica” (its Caribbean side is not as visited as the Pacific side). Nonetheless, Limon has so many incredible places, activities and people to meet!

Limon is characterized by its remarkable flora and fauna, its people and culture and for its stunning crystalline beaches! Given that it is not such a commercial area, its mostly populated by Afro-Caribbean’s as well as European’s. This is what makes the region so unique, is its dynamic multiculturalism and flavor that translates to everything from its people and its cooking, to the province’s architecture.

There are tons of beaches in Limon. However we recommend a few that are at a reasonable driving distance and will literally knock-your-socks-off. If you are looking for white sandy beaches, with crystal-like oceans, dense forests and amazing wildlife, make sure to visit: Cahuita, Playa Cocles, Manzanillo, Playa Chiquita and Playa Uvita.

It’s translucent waters and coral reefs are perfect if you want to try out some snorkeling or scuba diving.

There is really no perfect time to visit Limon. Given its microclimates, its weather is pretty much the same all year round. It has a rainy season year round except in October, where you’ll get a mini dry season.

Limon has various attractions depending on what you are interested in doing. If you are the kind that like to party and have a great time, then the Limon Carnival is your thing! This carnival takes place every October and it’s the perfect way to get a real taste of the local culture. The event allows you to experience Limon’s typical dishes, vibrant colors and musical taste.

If you are the sport-adrenaline kind, then you can opt for Salsa Brava: the spot with the biggest waves in the country. Salsa Brava is not for the faint hearted, as it has strong currents. But it sure is one of the best spots in Limon to watch the sunset!

Interested in getting a taste of the Caribbean side? Visit Limon and get yourself some Caribbean flavor!




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