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Cautionary Words Fether you plan to head off to Alajuela, San José, Liberia or Golfito, a car rental may be your best bet. At Solid Car Rental, we are always willing to help you find the vehicle that will best suit your needs. However, driving anywhere in Costa Rica, like other countries, has its risks. Below, we provide you with some things to consider when driving in the city or in the regions beyond.

Night Driving

Although you may be used to night driving back in your home country, it is not the same as driving in Costa Rica. Here, you are faced with several issues. Part of the problem is the result of signage. Along the highways and byways outside such cities as Alajuela, major changes can occur without any warning. Unlike on many major and even minor highways and byways in North America, you will not see several signs indicating well in advance such things as a road merger, steep cliff or obstacle. While you may see such dangers in advance during the daylight, you can miss them until they are suddenly in front of you when you drive at night.

Another issue complicated by night driving concerns the steepness of some roads. Cliffside highways may have absolutely no railings between the street and the drop-off. During the day, you can see the danger. At night, driving a car rental, you may make a serious error.

The Problem with Addresses

Whether you stay in Liberia or Alajuela, it will quickly come apparent to you that Costa Rica lacks what North Americans have as a matter of course – street names and addresses. A house, a commercial business and, in fact, any building at all will not have a number. This is confusing and can result in time lost driving around trying to figure out where you are. At Solid Car Rental, we have the simple solution to this. Rent a Global Positioning System (GPS). The most update models will help you get where you want to be even though an area is under construction.


If you have an accident, you need to know several things. The most important is this. You have to remain with the car until the police arrive. You cannot move the car rental until an officer gives you the go-ahead. In fact, in Costa Rica, we require your insurance agent or adjuster also arrive at the scene. This can be sticky if your agent is not in Costa Rica. Talk to us about it and we can help advise you about the right protocol.

Car Rental

If you do plan to drive in Costa Rica, it will make it easier for you to got to various cities including Alajuela. However, at Solid Car Rental we want you to be aware of certain situations you may encounter. When you arrange for a car rental from us, we will do everything we can to help make your driving experience as trouble free as possible.

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