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Holidays are the perfect opportunity to gather your family and spend some good quality time. And what better way to have everyone enjoy a great family day than by taking a road trip to one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful natural wonders?
On your next family day, make sure you plan to visit the gorgeous La Fortuna Waterfalls!

Located about 6 km outside of the La Fortuna Town, just right at the base of the Cerro Chato Volcano, is this lovely waterfall! Known as one of the prettiest (and most convenient) road trips for family and friends. The ride itself is not long and the hike is quite easy which also makes it perfect for travelers of every age.

La Fortuna Waterfall can be reached either by foot or by a horse. Kids love taking horseback rides as it makes the trip so much more adventurous! On the other hand, if you prefer to walk, it will take you about 20 minutes to actually reach the waterfall. The hike goes through the lush tropical rainforest which is amazing to spot some tiny forest friends. In addition, you will have to go down some stairs on a sturdy platform.

Make sure to take your time when walking to the waterfall to really enjoy your surroundings as they are absolutely breathtaking.

Once you reach La Fortuna Waterfall, you will see why it’s called one of the most beautiful ones! The waterfall itself is a stunning 75 meters in heights and falls down to a lovely pool of water. Here, adults may enjoy a nice swim and just chill in the refreshing water.

To the left of the waterfall there is actually another great calm water pool which is perfect for small kids to splash around in.

Take our advice; it is better to get there real early in order to avoid the mid-day sun. Also, make sure to take good walking shoes, sunscreen and lots of water and snacks for you and the family.

Have an awesome family day by going out of your comfort zone and visiting one of the loveliest waterfalls near you. Take a fun day trip to La Fortuna Waterfalls!

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La Fortuna Waterfall Costa Rica



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