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This adrenaline-filled sport has become popular in the last couple of years and there is a reason why! There are various levels or classes or rafting, which makes it easy to learn the sport as it helps you understand bit by bit. Because of this, rafting can be done both by families: to build teamwork and support; as well as a high intensity/adrenaline weekend activity with friends.

White water rafting is usually done with an inflatable raft and by navigating through different parts of the river depending on the intensity of the ride. It is recommended to always bring with you an instructor, in case the trip gets complicated along the way.

There are different levels of complexity to rafting. Class I and II tend to require little-to-some maneuvering of the raft, and have some small rough areas. Classes III and IV tend to have small to medium waves, may have some rocks and may also require some maneuvering. Lastly, classes V and VI are for the “pro’s”. These rides are mostly considered dangerous and require much skills and expertise.

The Reventazón River, which is the second most extensive river in the country, is perfect for white water rafting of classes II and III. The entire river has many different areas which differ in class and difficulty, so you can pick and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. However, regardless of the degree in complexly, all rides are known for having scenic views and perfect panoramic scenes to enjoy while on your trip.

We recommend you try any of the following rides on the Reventazón River. Both are for beginners, or – some-what experienced rafters:

There is the “El Carmen” tour, which is a class II ride. This ride is ideal for beginners who are fond of paddling across the river and being able to enjoy and observe the surroundings. This is a one-day easy trip to experience with close friends or family.

There is another ride named “Florida” which is a Class III rapid. This is also a one day ride, however this is a much more intense experience that includes rapids and speedy maneuvering of the raft.

It’s never too late to venture yourself in a new hobby! Try white water rafting and share with us your experience!




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